FREE Women’s Self-Defense Classes

aka ‘Smash Class’

We have been offering this free walk-in, self defense class as a service to the women of our NYC community for over 20 years.  The class focuses not only on self defense techniques, but also on ways to prevent becoming a victim – the first line of protection is common sense!

Every Tuesday & Thursday, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Proper punching and kicking techniques are emphasized, as well as techniques for taking down one’s attacker. Sifu Jack incorporates the knowledge gained in his years as a bodyguard, US Marine, and competitive martial artist to help you defend against your potential aggressors.

The SMASH class is the longest continuously-running free class of its kind in NYC. Women 14 and older are invited to attend as many times as they like.

There is never a fee charged for the SMASH! class, and you are welcome to attend as many times as you like. We do ask that you make a small one-time donation to the school by purchasing a CHKA t-shirt to wear to class. CHKA t-shirts are $25.