Program Director / Assistant Instructor – Black Belt Program

Jane originally joined the CHKA family as a parent in 2008 when she enrolled her son, Simon. A year later, she began studying with Sifu Jack herself and soon felt that she had found a home. In 2010, Jane became a member of the Black Belt Program, a Team CHKA competitor, and then an Assistant Instructor. Prior to finding a home in martial arts, Jane had spent her life performing as an actress and musician. Jane is a Program Director at CHKA, overseeing the children’s programs and partnerships with outside entities. Jane created The Women’s Martial Arts Workout, bringing a martial arts focus to fitness training for women.



Assistant Instructor – Black Belt Program

“The road of Hercules isn’t the easy one. It’s the bumpy one. And it’s the road of the great ones.” It’s Eton’s favorite Sifu Jack quote. He came to Sifu in 2003, interested in the health aspects of working out and curious to learn about self defense. He soon discovered the classes were a lot of fun and meant more than just a workout. The results went far beyond improving his physical shape as he gained intangible values like confidence, work ethic, and discipline. Inspired by Sifu Jack’s waterfall of knowledge and experience, he committed to CHKA and joined the black belt program in 2008. Eton is the Assistant Instructor for most adult classes as well as the SMASH! Free Women's Self Defense program.


Assistant Instructor

David began training at CHKA at the age of 7. He found in the martial arts a source of discipline and a path towards self improvement. Throughout his youth he continued to train seriously, competing at local tournaments, and began assistant teaching as a teenager. Also a professional musician, David finds that many of the facets of the martial arts such as focus, discipline and repetition continue to help him in his career and many other areas of his life.


Assistant Instructor – Black Belt Program


Assistant Instructor – Black Belt Program

After much searching, Micky found CHKA in 2005 and right away joined the Black Belt program. Kenpo taught him greater calm and focus. Micky has been the Assistant Instructor for most adult classes as well as the SMASH! Free Women's Self Defense program and the children's program at the Lycee Francaise.


Assistant Instructor - Black Belt Program


Assistant Instructor - Black Belt Club

Started training with Sifu Jack in 2007, sophomore year of high school. Born and raised in the East Village. Joined CHKA because of foot surgery back in summer 2006. My mother thought it would strengthen my foot and I've been here ever since.


Assistant Instructor – Black Belt Program

Ronnie began her love affair with CHKA casually attending the free women’s self defense classes. Never a physical person, she was surprised that she started looking forward to the classes every week. Inspired by the intense positivity and lack of pretension, she wanted to come more and more often, until she found that she was a part of the Black Belt Program and an Assistant Instructor. Now, twenty pounds lighter and seven trophies heavier, she is grateful to Sifu Jack and the universe for CHKA.


Assistant Instructor - Black Belt Program


Assistant Instructor - Black Belt Program

Sheikh began studying at CHKA in February 2012. She is a student at Hunter College and she hopes to go on to have a career in the health professions. She loves training at CHKA and feels that it is like a second home to her. At CHKA, Sheikh has learned to turn the word “can’t” into CAN!