Karate Classes For Kids

Our karate classes for kids provide a great opportunity for children ages 3 and up to participate in an activity that is both educational and fun. Classes are tailored to your kid’s appropriate developmental level, fostering both physical and mental growth. We focus on increasing self esteem, discipline, motivation, coordination, focus and attention, socialization and leadership skills. Martial arts is a “personal best” sport, while striving side by side with classmates and encouraging perseverance, it gives a true feeling of being part of a team.

Martial Arts and Kids

CHKA is also very aware of the public attention being given to the bullying phenomenon. By studying martial art, children not only learn to defend themselves, moreover, they can gain the strength of character to avoid such situations. This, in addition to widespread concern over childhood obesity, has raised awareness of martial arts training for children and is leading more and more families to seek out its benefits.

If you like the idea of offering Martial Arts classes to your students as a part of their curriculum, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!


CHKA’s first parent-and-me class. The course combines playing, singing, social skills, strength, flexibility and coordination exercises and parents are right there in the middle of the fun. For more information email us at hello@chka.org

Lil’ Turtles

Age 3-4

CHKA’s preschool program for 3-4 year olds is age appropriate, high energy fun which is tailored to a focused set of goals. Working with kids this age is very rewarding, as it sets them up for success in the future — socially, academically, personally — in every area of their lives. LIL TURTLES CLASSES 8-WEEK SESSION, 1 CLASS PER WEEK. PLEASE CALL 646-692-6155 OR EMAIL hello@chka.org FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Lil’ Ninjas

Age 5-7

The Lil Ninjas class emphasizes physical fitness, focus, balance and coordination, character and confidence building in a fun and playful atmosphere.

Joshua C Side Kick 2

Junior Samurai

Age 8-11

Kids who are ready for more structure and challenge, and are aware of social pressures and situations, are offered an opportunity to learn self-discipline, build self-confidence and connect with their peers in an atmosphere of excitement and teamwork.


Age 12-15

At a crucial time in their development, teens at CHKA learn to feel empowered by engaging in rigorous physical activity, attaining new skills, bonding with peers and learning fundamental values which will serve them well as they grow into responsible adults.