Martial Arts Classes NYC

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Our martial arts classes are held are our brand-new two-floor studio space in the East Village in NYC. Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy offers a great opportunity to improve your conditioning in a supportive environment and to learn helpful techniques in self defense.  It is the goal of our instructors to teach self-discipline, so that students may realize their full potential.   This potential is often carried into other aspects of student’s lives.

Every class has a similar structure.  Starting with exercising and stretching, we then move on to either basic techniques, (punches, kicks and blocks), technical drills, traditional kata or hands-on self defense techniques. There is no limit to the amount of classes you may attend once you have joined the school. You can come to any class in your age range in any order, without having to call ahead of time. Besides your workout gear, all you are expected to bring is enthusiasm, an open willingness to learn, and a devoted work ethic. We go to competitions and have won many trophies. Our goal is to make newcomers feel at home and to foster their interest in our favorite subject- Martial Arts.  We love a good challenge, and hope you do too.

Kickboxing & Superfit

These classes are included in the adult Kenpo class package, however one may sign up exclusively for kickboxing by itself.  Students are taught a wide range of mixed martial arts which include proper boxing technique, Muay Thai boxing, and proper competition style sparring.  Students are continually encouraged to work at their own pace, but this class on average has a higher intensity level than our Kenpo classes.  We utilize isometric exercise, high intensity interval techniques (which one may recognize if they’re familiar with cross-fit), weight-lifting, calisthenics, yoga exercises, and good old-fashioned boxing drills.  This class is not focused on hand-to-hand combat or street fighting, but rather karate as sport.  Stretching is an integral part, as getting one’s kicks as high as possible is important in kickboxing. Come ready to sweat in loose fitting workout gear.  No street shoes are allowed, but you may wear exercise shoes only if they are used exclusively for working out in school.

Free Women’s Self-Defense

This is a weekly self defense class that our school has offered in NYC for over 25 years. It is a very popular class, and also very hands-on. The class emphasizes the importance of physical conditioning in defending oneself, and various techniques for fending off an attacker. more info


Learning to work traditional martial arts weapons is part of Kenpo karate class. It is not possible to sign up only for weapons and will only be introduced as your level evolves. However, our way of training is highly personalized and allows individuals to have different focuses. Some weapons we utilize are the bo, Chinese sword, kama, nunchaku, and tunfa.

Black Belt Club

CHKA’s all-inclusive program for the most serious students who intend to continue their training through to 1st Dan Black Belt (or Junior Black Belt for under 16) and beyond. Contact for details.

Educational, Business and Community Partnerships

Dr. Oz’s Healthcorps
New York University
Citibabes Preschool
International Preschools of New York
Neighborhood School
New York City Public School 63
New York City Public School 110
NEST + M School
Lycee Française
Aleph Bet Preschool
Cornelia Connelly Center Holy Child School
Castle Middle School
Tompkins Square Middle School
Bard Early College High School
Lower East Side Preparatory School
School of Visual Arts
New York Film Academy
Mercy College
Henry Street Settlement
University Settlement
Henry Street Settlement
Houston Street Center
Lower East Side Service Center
Chinatown Y Camp
Soul Arts Camp
Association of Black Women Attorneys
Breathe Deep NYC Walk for Lung Cancer
Covenant House
Lower East Side Ecology Center/Ecobiz
East Village Community Coalition
East Village Independent Merchants Association
City Harvest
Harbor Realty Group
Indulge NYC
NYC Health and Wellness Fairs
50 Fat Boys Productions

CHKA Accredited Schools and Instructors: Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Self-Defense, NYC; Red Tiger Martial Arts Federation, Coatesville, Pennsylvania; Kempo Aiki-Jutsu, Salamanca Spain

Company Affiliations: Tracy’s Association of Kenpo Karate Schools, Kraine, NASKA, NAPMA