"So empowering. Very practical. The instructors have so much confidence in a woman's ability to protect herself, no matter her size or physical strength. Lots of good tips, techniques, and also just motivation on how to survive when you're attacked. I walked home unafraid by myself for the first time! Definitely going back."

Kayli K.

Very useful. Will be back :)

Bonnie L., about CHKA's SMASH! Women's Self Defense class

I went yesterday and participated in the free women's self defense class. When I first walked in I was nervous because I don't do anything like this so I was stepping out of my comfort zone but it was so worth it. They teach you so much and are very helpful. Being that it was free, there were maybe at least 30 of us. I didn't count but the entire room was filled with women. Yet the instructor Sifu Jack was really helpful and made sure he gave each one of us some advice and help with what we were doing wrong and what we can do to make it better. Left the studio feeling awesome and looking forward to the next class. Definitely will buy the T-shirt they sell since the class is free, its the least you can do since they are giving up their free time to help us learn how to defend ourselves.

Jocelyn O - Staten Island, NY

I visited on a Tuesday evening for their free self defense class and had an amazing experience. The staff were very patient and helpful. I will definitely return!

Teresa S.

They work with you until you get it!

Megan B.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to volunteer at our organization. You all really connected with the participants on a level that struck a chord and ignited a passion. It was a pleasure to watch you interact with them. Thank you!

Jena I., Covenant House New York

I worked with CHKA to program a Self Defense Class for some students at NYU. We had an amazing time. It was really easy coordinating with CHKA and we were amazed by how much we learned. The instructors were all very welcoming and encouraged us to push ourselves in the exercises. I would definitely recommend partnering with CHKA.

Julie E., NYU Residential Life

A fantastic place to learn, train, grow and laugh.

Phil D.

I started with the women's free self defense class and then something I always wanted to try turned into so much more. My training at CHKA has supported me not only in the dojo but outside-what I learn there carries into my life. A special place with special people. I am so glad I found it.

Dana V.

Thank you for all the hard work you all have given towards Dylan. Your studio has really changed her life in a wonderful way.

Steve and Tiffany, parents of Dylan Z.