This high intensity kickboxing workout is available exclusively at CHKA NYC. Superfit classes are the conditioning classes which our adult martial arts students attend in order to stay in the best shape possible for self-defense and competition. 

Superfit Kickboxing classes are offered several times a week at our NYC studio as part of our martial arts program and all classes are open to adults of all skill levels. Full members attend both Kenpo and Superfit Kickboxing classes; however a limited Kickboxing only program is also available.

Benefits include:

* Increased endurance, strength and flexibility, all of which are essential to self-defense

* Improved health, relaxation, balance, coordination, focus, concentration and confidence.

* Plus it’s a lot of fun!



Sifu Jack Shamburger is a 3rd generation martial arts Grandmaster and 3rd generation United States Marine. His background as a Weapons Specialist, trained ring boxer and Thai kickboxer, security specialist and bodyguard all inform the Superfit Kickboxing classes which he developed and which are taught exclusively at the CHKA New York school. 

This is a serious workout taught by professionals, with Kickboxing used as not only a workout tool but also to improve awareness and timing, coordination and overall confidence. In CHKA’s Adults Superfit Kickboxing Classes, you will learn martial arts while toning your body and improving your health at the same time!


Attire for classes:  Come ready to sweat in loose fitting workout gear.  No street shoes are allowed, but you may wear exercise shoes only if they are used exclusively for working out in class. 

Members of the Kenpo programs will need to purchase uniform with a school logo and patch; Kickboxing only members will need to purchase a school t-shirt to wear to class. 

Proper attire in class is required at all times. All uniforms, weapons and other gear used or worn in class must be purchased through CHKA.