Adult Beginners are invited to attend 5 Lesson Plan Kenpo classes. After taking your first belt test, you will move into Adults Kenpo classes.

Kenpo classes begin with exercising and stretching, then move on to either basic techniques, (punches, kicks and blocks), technical drills, traditional kata or hands-on self-defense techniques. 

Kenpo students move up through the belt ranks, with testing opportunities available several times per year. Class placement and eligibility for belt testing is at SIfu Jack’s discretion.



Competitive point sparring is an important part of CHKA Kenpo training, not just for Team CHKA competitors but for all Kenpo students. 

By applying the drills you learn in class to an active sparring confrontation, students learn awareness, speed and timing which is crucial to self-defense. 

Protective gear is used in sparring classes and must be purchased through CHKA by all students participating in sparring classes.  Participation in sparring classes is at Sifu Jack’s discretion.



Learning to work traditional martial arts weapons is part of CHKA Kenpo training. We train in 25 traditional martials arts weapons, which we use in competition as well. Weapons training is introduced appropriately to belt rank level at Sifu Jack’s discretion.


Attire for classes:  Come ready to sweat in loose fitting workout gear.  No street shoes are allowed, but you may wear exercise shoes only if they are used exclusively for working out in class. 

Members of the Kenpo programs will need to purchase uniform with a school logo and patch; Kickboxing only members will need to purchase a school t-shirt to wear to class. 

Proper attire in class is required at all times. All uniforms, weapons and other gear used or worn in class must be purchased through CHKA.