Terms & Policies


CLASS POLICY: All students wishing to participate in a class at CHKA must sign a liability waiver prior to entering the class. Anyone may be refused service for any reason. No street shoes are allowed on the workout floor. Trial classes may be requested by emailing hello@chka.org

CANCELLATION POLICY: All classes must be paid for in advance. Pre-paid group classes or private lessons not included with membership must be cancelled via email to hello@chka.org 24 hours prior to scheduled time in order to receive credit and will be rescheduled at the studio's convenience. Member private lessons must be cancelled via email to hello@chka.org 2 hours prior to scheduled time in order to receive credit and will be rescheduled at the studio's convenience. No-shows will not receive credit nor be rescheduled. Any class may be cancelled by CHKA at any time for any reason. 

DISCOUNT OR PROMOTION POLICY: Discounts or promotions may not be combined. Any exceptions will be made at the discretion of studio management. Any discount or promotion may be terminated for any reason at the discretion of the management.

CLOTHING/GEAR POLICY: All  uniforms and gear used or worn on CHKA premises or in private lessons or group classes conducted by CHKA or CHKA instructors or staff must be purchased from CHKA.

PERSONAL PROPERTY POLICY:  Bent Bow, Inc. is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property incurred while participating in its programs or in its facilities.

MEDICAL AND RISK OF INJURY POLICY:  Before starting any exercise program, Student should consult a physician. The Student represents that he/she is in good condition and able to use the equipment provided and to participate in exercises and martial arts programs made available by Bent Bow Inc. Bent Bow Inc. represents that its staff is trained in providing exercise programs and instruction in the proper use of equipment. Bent Bow Inc. further represents that its staff has no expertise in diagnosing exercise on said medical condition. Anyone participating in private lessons or group classes conducted by CHKA or CHKA instructors or staff consents to such physical contact as is reasonable and appropriate for Kenpo instruction. Student will use protective equipment required by Bent Bow, Inc., but Bent Bow, Inc. does not warrant any equipment. Student fully understands and agrees that participating in the martial arts programs or using the facilities maintained by Bent Bow, Inc. there is a possibility of accidental or other injury and further indemnifies Bent Bow, Inc. from any and all liability on the part of Bent Bow, Inc. by either the staff or a third party as the result of the use of the facilities and instructions offered by Bent Bow, Inc. Student agrees to waive any claim of negligence and damages against Bent Bow, Inc. and/or staff in any case of injury resulting from activities.

MEMBERSHIP POLICIES: Student’s Obligation: Student promises to pay his/her monthly dues to Bent Bow,, Inc. and understands that payment for services is required and there is no refund, even if the Student fails to attend one or more scheduled classes. The Student forfeits his/her right to a class by failing to attend. The Student promises to observe all of the rules of Bent Bow, Inc.; if the Student disobeys any of the rules, it is a breach of this Agreement, entitling Bent Bow, Inc. to keep the full fee, ending the Student’s right to services. We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion. Default: In the event that Student agrees to pay any reasonable collection cost including reasonable attorney’s fees not to exceed 33%. Non-Transferability: Student may not assign, sell or otherwise transfer any rights under their membership Agreement without the written consent of Bent Bow, Inc. or its representatives. giving 30 days notice in writing to Bent Bow, Inc.  CHKA Promises: The staff of Bent Bow Inc. will use its best efforts to assist the Student in achieving his/her potential in Kenpo within the time prescribed by this Agreement. Official belt recognition will be issued by Bent Bow Inc. upon Student's successful completion of any examination and requirements thereof. There will be an examination fee for each examination. Note: Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods and services obtained pursuant here to or with the proceeds hereof. Recovery here under shall not exceed any amounts paid by debtor. Cancellation: Students may cancel membership at any time giving 30 days notice in writing to Bent Bow, Inc.