Felt better than I have in WEEKS after I attended the free women’s self-defense class at Chinese Hawaiian Kenpo Academy last night. Went to work that night feeling pumped!
— Jessica K.

“Thank you so very much for taking the time to volunteer at our organization. You all really connected with the participants on a level that struck a chord and ignited a passion. It was a pleasure to watch you interact with them. Thank you!”


Thank you for all the care and training Joshua received. It has set him on a path for life!

“CHKA came to my school for a women’s self defense class and it was amazing! They were really helpful and supportive. We learned a lot and people were still talking about it the next week. Everyone was so lovely and I’m grateful they came to us. Highly recommend checking them out!!”


I went to the free women’s self defense class with my best friend many times and left each time more prepared and aware of possible attacks and what to do in many cases.

I love that it’s women only so it’s a comfortable learning environment for women who want to learn how to protect and defend themselves. The instructors are experienced and great at what they do. They’re also very helpful, focusing on each individual even in a class of 30+.
— Mandy L.

“Sifu Jack and his team of instructors have transformed my life.  Each Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm-8:30pm, the school offers a $FREE self-defense class (they ask that you support by purchasing T-shirts, etc, but it's not mandatory if you can't afford it).  There are plenty of familiar faces each week with women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, but as a first timer, you won't feel out of place.  The Sifu is well-versed on New York's laws, and so he teaches you how to stop a fight instead of engaging in one, also because that's just what makes sense.  His approach to teaching can't help but instill a sense of pride within you, and you know he offers this class because he genuinely cares.  I adore hearing him holler at people to "get a haircut", how much he loves hot chocolate, or tell us we weigh "no more but than two potato chips", all while teaching us to be unsuspecting bad-asses.

I also love that by coming here, I'm supporting a black-owned business which is important to me.  I only wish I were able to make it to both classes each week, but I love it so much that I went ahead and changed my availability so that I can at least attend once a week.  After all, no one is going to take care of me except me!  I only have Sifu and his instructors to thank for teaching me how to do so!”


“You need to check this out, even if it a couple subway transfers to get there.  You'll thank yourself for doing it.  This school changes its students in so many ways over their training.

If you're looking to get in shape or home yourself to an edge, the super fit classes are a challenging and fun.  If you're looking to learn how to defend yourself, the school has a very pragmatic approach to techniques, and twice a week there is a women's SMASH self defense class that has been running for 30 years free of charge.

I've studied here 11 years, and am still so impressed with how much there is to learn.  This is the real deal.”

- Nathanael B.

So empowering. Very practical. The instructors have so much confidence in a woman’s ability to protect herself, no matter her size or physical strength. Lots of good tips, techniques, and also just motivation on how to survive when you’re attacked. I walked home unafraid by myself for the first time! Definitely going back.
— Kayli K.

“Sifu Jack Shamburger is the without question the most skillful and accomplished martial arts teachers in New York City, if not the globe. On top of that, his humble yet articulate philosophy and kindness welcomes anyone with a will to improve their lives through fitness and a healthy state of mind. You will learn much more than just martial arts from this man, a fact that is only reinforced by the teachers and students he's surrounded by, all of whom are friendly, inspiring and highly awarded martial artists in their own right. I've been to many gyms and fitness centers in New York and none have been more motivating and fulfilling as CHKA. 

Do it.”


Our son and daughter are both students at CHKA and we love it! Not only are they getting lessons in self defense, but they are learning how to be disciplined and show respect for others. The instructors are professional and friendly, and you feel like you are part of a family.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you in our Afterschool program. It was so great to see such enthusiasm and excitement from all the girls after each class as they talked about everything they learned and accomplished. Your dedication to helping and teaching our students to explore the technique of Kenpo Karate is admirable. We are very lucky to have you as part of our community.”


Tonight was my first time attending the Free Women’s class and it was awesome the instructors are Great and attentive there is no pressure whatsoever to join the Gym I left there with a Great Experience and will return on Thursday night Thank You!!!!
— Jazznery O.
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